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This is a DMIT 2025 final cataloge project. The website data is stored in two different tables, one for the team pictures and one for the athletes. Currently you can look thru the full roster of players from the 2015-16 season back thru to the 1998-99 team. You can search thru the full roster with a search bar at the top of the page. Also, there is the Top 5 Stats Page, see who the top athletes are in each statistical category. The data for athletes prior to that will be added as the records are digitaized. Eventually you will be able to access the players on any given team when you go to the team photo page.

This project will be used to catalog, store and display the all-time roster of the University of Alberta Pandas basketball program. The program has had over 200 athletes play at least one season.

The information that will be catalogued about each athlete is their uniform number, position, eligibility used (athletes are able to play for up to 5 years), the years they played

Currently the database is complete with roster details back to 1999. As the paper records of past teams roster and stats are digitized the database will grow

Along with the athletes, there is also a section devoted to the team pictures. These will continue to be updated as the pictures from past teams are pullled from the archives or sent in from former players.